Phoenix Tango Festithon 2020

  • To use funds leftover from any previous festival or event please note in the space below the event and pass your are transferring and then check the pass you wish to sign up for in the next section, USE FUNDS FROM CANCELED EVENTS.. You will be contacted by email with an accounting of your unused funds or a bill for remaining due. If you have already registered for the Phoenix Marathon and wish to upgrade to a full pass please go to the last section to finish your registration.
  • If you are applying funds from other events you do not enter a credit card number at any time. If a total comes up at the end please check for a incorrect checked box.
  • If you are applying no funds from a previous event use the following sections to register.
  • Includes all classes and milongas for the event.
  • Includes all milongas for the event Note that one room is dedicated to dancing only with the same number of hours as the original Marathon.
  • Includes all milongas and classes if added to a current 2020 Phoenix Tango Marathon pass.
  • Full passes that include instruction will be limited to 120. To give us a feel of what ballrooms to utilize for the classes please mark what you intend to take. Please note that the Advanced couples classes require a lead and follow and is limited to 16 couples. Once the class is full we will have a wait list.
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