Covid-19 Statement

By now we all are aware that weaving our way through the Covid-19 maze has been ever changing and how an organizer for a social event approaches it bound to cause reactions from both ends of the spectrum.  I believe that our strict policy last July 4th was the right thing to do considering the timing of vaccinations and that the result speaks for itself.  How do we navigate forward for an event 5 months away at the time of this writing?

Please be aware that my decision now and in the future are not a result of my Facebook or Google research.  I spend a lot of time being kept up to date with the current science and receive council from experts in the field.

Soooo, I believe the following are probable facts by the time of my July 4th weekend marathon in Phoenix:

* most people will have some form of immunity from either vaccination or infection

* as the recent extreme waves of Covid will have run their course, the severe cases should further decrease in numbers, and medicine will become better able to tackle the remaining severe cases, finally making the risk levels acceptable for almost all of us

* we likely will have to have some type of booster regularly like the flu shot

* current vaccinations will still provide some level of protection, especially from severe illness, but will not be necessary to attend an event

* we will have settled into the fact that Covid-19 in some form is going to add a small but acceptable risk to our participation in gathering together

I withhold the right to make all decisions concerning the protocols for this event.  If I deem it necessary to change this policy including requiring tests, proof of vaccination or any other safety measures based on the situation at the time of the event all attendees must adhere to those protocols.

This information is at the bottom of the registration page.  You will be required to agree to it before registration can be completed.

Jim Baker