DJ Gabriel Sus

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In spite of having been born in a Tango household and culture, Gabriel did not start dancing Argentine Tango until 2000 in San Diego, Ca
It may have been fate or dumb luck but it reset his outlook for life and he will be eternally grateful for it.
Gabriel believes Tango in all its aspects, subculture, dance, music, poetry, lyrics, philosophy, singing and performance; is an infinite puzzle that often leads us to the belief we are on the verge of solving it….but not so…:)
Since 2000 he has been dancing 4/5 times a week, intensively traveling since 2005 to dance and take lessons all over the US, attending over 100 festivals, Encuentros and Marathons. He also managed a dance school devoted to Argentine Tango in San Diego, Ca where he organized events, taught and Djed before moving to Portland, Oregon in 2009.
Being deeply familiar with Tango history, music, orchestras, eras and singers, Gabriel is fanatical in his tanda construction for musical pieces that maintain consistency with each other in matters of style, tempo, articulation and whenever possible, singing.
He believes the repertoire of recorded Tango music that is meant for dancing is actually smaller than often thought. To squeeze the most out of it we must design parameters to decide what we should play in different milongas and consider the audience.That is precisely why diversity of exposure to teachers and Djs is the key for growth of Tango communities, in size and skills, all over the world.

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